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What to Expect on Shabbat

We start our congregational Shabbat activities in the afternoon, so that no one has to set an alarm on a day of rest!  Our service atmosphere is relaxed and family-friendly, and all of our activities are designed for family participation. 

Torah study is from 1:45PM to 2:45PM.  We follow the triennial cycle, which allows for greater indepth study of each portion, and is probably the reading cycle that Yeshua used. Click here to see the upcoming Torah study schedule.  To listen to some of our past studies, click here.

Main service is from 3:00PM to about 5:00PM.  We begin with our community affirmation and blessing ("Love God, Love Your Neighbor), followed by about 30 minutes of praise and worship music, using our hands, voices and feet to proclaim Yeshua. We then complete our service with about 45 to 60 minutes of teaching, which may be by video or in person.    

Shabbat activities conclude with a Potluck meal at 5:00PM.  All are welcome!  We observe Biblical dietary Instructions for clean and unclean:  Clean meat is beef, chicken, turkey, and fish with fins and scales.  Of couse, vegetarian or vegan dishes are welcome.  Unclean (not to be eaten) meats include pork or anything made from pork (such as pepperoni, ham, and pork gelatin in marshmallows, some sour creams and sauces, and as a flavoring in some processed foods).  Also unclean is catfish (because it does not have scales), shrimp, crab, oysters, etc.  We are happy to explain further if you have any questions!

Anyone wanting to learn a few dance steps for next week's Praise and Worship are invited to practice with us after potluck -- no experience necessary!

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